19 Sep 15



Active Mo(ve)ments functional fitness holiday Marbella

Start date
19 September 2015
Start time
End date
26 September 2015
End time

About the event

Join Active Mo(ve)ments functional fitness holiday in Marbella and enjoy a fully organised holiday with a challenging and fun activity program from September 19 to September 26, 2015!

Active Mo(ve)ments and CrossFit Marbella have put together a fully organised active functional fitness group holiday in the South of Spain. The area is ideal for a beautiful holiday full of sun, action and beautiful nature. We will not only do CrossFit workouts, but will also go hiking and stand up paddling and we will put you through the ultimate fitness test on the challenging Assault Course.

– Do you like to meet people with the same interests as you? √
– Do you want to enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches of Spain, but get restless when sitting still all day? √
– Do you like to be able to fully focus on enjoying the area and all it has to offer without worrying about accommodation or transport? √

Then come with us and enjoy the ultimate sun filled holiday for people that like to stay active!


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