15 Nov 14



aerobis Certified blackPack Instructor

Start date
15 November 2014
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End date
15 November 2014
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About the event

Get certified!

Join the Functional Movement and become an officially certified blackPack Instructor! This certification seminar is mainly directed at coaches, personal trainers, and blackPack enthusiasts.

Our aerobis Master Coaches will impart the necessary knowledge in order to offer blackPack strength bag training in group and single sessions. Ideally, you already have a certain amount of basic knowledge concerning blackPack/sand bag training and have a good foundation of knowledge of sport and fitness training.

The topics of the blackPack Certification seminar are as versatile as the blackPack itself:

  • starting off with blackPack/sand bag training basics,
  • over to basic techniques that can form the foundation of every blackPack/sandbag training session,
  • to the differences between sand and water filling to make blackPack training as effective as possible,
  • ending with advanced blackPack exercises that challenge even blackPack pros and get the best out of each training session.

Every blackPack Certification seminar lasts 7 hours and enables the certified use of blackPacks in single and group sessions and is valid for two years. You can find all the up-to-date seminars here but also on our trainer and training platform trainsocial.com on which you can always find the next training and seminar dates. Additionally, you will find it the perfect opportunity to present yourself and your product portfolio. On trainsocial.com you can offer your seminars and present yourself to customers in your area and show them why you are the perfect trainer for them.


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