23 Feb 19



Athletic Performance by DAN JOHN

Start date
23 February 2019
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End date
24 February 2019
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Crossfit Wroclaw
Baciarellego 54
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515 Euro
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1 Euro

About the event


• Forty Years of Blowing Whistles: 1979-2019 An overview on the basic lessons Dan has learned through his career.

• The Movement Matrix: Cost to Benefit Ratio and Training for ANYthing.

• Goal Based Assessments (“The goal is to keep the goal the goal!”): In this session Dan will go through his philosophy on assessments and give you all the tools you need to implement a full assessment on your athletes and clients instantly.

• The 1-2-3-4 Assessment Process and how it can change your approach to developing athletes FOREVER! The “Minimum Effective Dose,” the “Killer App,” and it’s “Easy to be Hard!”: Are you training your athletes too much? Are you expectations too high? Doing less is actually more. And in this session Dan will outline how we can build programs with the minimum effective dose required to create adaptations in our clients. This includes the Exercise Matrix

• Now What? What do we do after we do what we do? Principles, Programs, Pirate Maps and Shark Habits will open the window into training Everybody Else. Then, let’s look at how we train the Elite Athletes.

• Coaching 101 Coaching is an art and a science. There are rules and principles that work for every sport, everybody and every situation.

• Practical Lifting and Movement Sessions: Throughout the weekend there will be a number of lifting and movement sessions looking at fundamental movements, session design, coaching concepts, recovery and much much more. Come prepared to MOVE!

• Q&A Sessions throughout the day where you can ask Dan anything (within reason of course!)


Hardest WODs, event photos,
box rumours, nutrition tricks and more!

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