13 Aug 16



Battle of the West

Start date
13 August 2016
Start time
End date
13 August 2016
End time
Oranmore Business Park
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About the event

CrossFit Galway are delighted to be hosting our first ever beginners competition.

The Battle of the West takes places in CrossFit Galway on the 13th August 2016 as the first ever beginners competition to be held in the west of Ireland.

The event is an individual athletes and will comprise of 70 participants; 35 male and 35 female over a 1 day event.

This competition will be a test of fitness, skill and strength for BEGINNERS, using some of the more basic movements used in CrossFit. This will be similar to a scaled competition, but with lower weight standards, no max effort lifts, and no Olympic Lifting (apart from the final where a power clean MAY be used). This competition will suit a first or second time competitor (providing they haven’t placed in the top 10 in a previous competition). This is NOT suitable for a first time competitor with an athletic background.
Our main aim is to keep all competitors at a similar level, so if you are fairly new to CrossFit but advancing quite quickly, then you will not need a beginners competition starting out.
If you are eager to compete for the first time, but struggling with the weight standards set for scaled competitions, then this is a great starting point.
There will be 3 WODs, with the top competitors making it to the final for a 4th WOD.
Workouts will be a little different to the norm, as we will be taking more of an “old school” CrossFit approach.


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