21 Jun 15



Cannibal Run 2015

Start date
21 June 2015
Start time
End date
21 June 2015
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About the event

The Cannibal Run™ is the latest exciting and innovative event in the Tribal Events portfolio. Registration is now open for the following entry categories: solo athlete, mixed pairs, same-sex pairs, and same-sex teams of three.

BE WARNED this is definitely not your average running event. You need to be strong as well as fast to take on the Cannibal Run™, and you need to be tough to survive. Train hard and prepare well or this event will eat you alive! This is a high intensity, adrenalin fuelled, human performance race. Think of the mutant love child of the best CrossFit event you have ever been to, with the best obstacle course race you have ever been to. Stick it in a lush green valley surrounded by ancient woodland, throw in some jungle drums and the Tribal Clash™ vibe and you are somewhere close.

The Cannibal Run™ will take place in Avon Mill, South Devon. You will start the race on a field along the beautiful river Avon to the sound of tribal drums, raring to go in your war paint and team colours. You will be racing through ancient woodland along a gruelling off-road six kilometre trail in the lush green Avon Valley. Along the route are task stations. On arrival at a task station you (or your team) must complete a short high intensity workout before you can move on. These workouts will not be published before the event, so you will not know what expects you behind that river bend, that steep bank or that gruelling hill. These workouts may include such things as Atlas stone lifts, tyre flips, log squats, sled drags, rope climbs, axel bars or burpees. Expect the unexpected and prepare for anything. Solo athletes must complete the workouts on their own, whereas teams can split the work. Faster athletes in the pairs or teams can start the workouts as soon as they arrive at task stations, with slower team members joining in to help with reps as soon as they arrive. Nobody moves on from each station until all team members are present and all reps have been completed. Your score is simply the total time it takes you or your team to complete the course, with prizes for the fastest in each category.


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