23 Apr 16



Celtic Cup

Start date
23 April 2016
Start time
End date
23 April 2016
End time

About the event

The Celtic Cup is a unique one-day knockout tournament

Teams of three athletes represent gyms from any of the nine regions of the Celtic Nations.

The top teams will progress to the finals on 23rd April 2016
The National Show Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Like a cup competition in any sport, the luck of the draw will be very important.

Workouts will be variants of popular hero, girl, regional or finals WODs
but completed as a team.

The action will be fast & every second will count!

– Teams will be randomly drawn into waves of ten
– 5 teams across the line first progress to the next round.
– ‘Backdoor’ for teams who lose out in the first or second round.

The 10 teams remaining at the end of the day will race the Final wod,
which will be voted for by the spectators.

The winners will secure a prize of €5000.


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box rumours, nutrition tricks and more!

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