20 Sep 14



CrossFit Performance – Nutrition Seminar

Start date
20 September 2014
Start time
End date
20 September 2014
End time
Momentum Training - CrossFit Hackney
United Kingdom
Greater London
328 Stean Street
Zip code
E8 4ED

About the event

The team at Momentum Training have invited Gore bioscience to host a seminar on nutrition and supplementation with a sports performance focus. With over 20 years of combined knowledge in biochemistry and nutrition, Robert Corney PhD and Calum Gore Med (bi) will be presenting.

The seminar will focus specifically on:

• Optimising performance with nutrient timing
• The importance of pre-, during and post-workout nutrition
• Supplements for muscle growth and development
• Supplements for resisting fatigue and improving performance


Most of us believe that we understand the basics of nutrition, how to eat a healthy diet, periodise our training and the best way to recover between sessions. However, many of us fail to reach our training goals, and some of us suffer with symptoms of poor health. So what crucial nutrients are we missing?

Understanding our body’s unique biochemistry is vital in addressing our training goals, optimal performance and improving key health markers. Reaching ones goals and unleashing our true potential all come down to diet, supplementation and the health of the body.

Gorebioscience specialise in blood tests, which examine nutrient deficiencies, food allergies, and hormonal imbalances. Rob and Calum will link the importance of their work to optimal sports performance.


Please send an e-mail to info@momentum-training.com if you plan to attend.


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