03 Sep 16



Czech Beast Challenge 2016

Start date
03 September 2016
Start time
End date
04 September 2016
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About the event

Online Qualiffier 11.-31.7.2016

CzechBeast Challange 2016
Competition that will find the Fittest and determine who will claim the title Czech Beast 2016.
Czech Beast Challenge is a competition built on tradition, community, and functional fitness. Since 2012 we have played a significant part in promoting the sport of fitness in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have always aspired to have an event that would be memorable for everyone by providing a unique experience, hard workouts and community spirit. For us the event has always been a mission for a higher purpose. We don’t just recognize the winners. We’d rather recognize and celebrate all of the competitors who give it their all. We want to make every contestant feel like they’re at the CrossFit Games. From the start, we have managed to fulfill our mission. Every one of our events has been memorable and has formed the history of what we want to build. We are always pushing the boundaries. 2016 will be no exception and for the first time in history we moved to the the most beautiful city in Europe – Prague as we partnered up with the famous sport festival Active for life.


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