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Don’t Worry Bro, She’ll Carry Your Weight

Start date
04 April 2020
Start time
End date
04 April 2020
End time
CrossFit Hereafter
United States
243B Columbia Mall Dr
Zip code
Athlete price
120 USD

About the event

Even though the Open is no longer in the spring, it doesn’t mean we can’t compete and have a little fun!
Mixed Teams Only (M/F)
Scaled and RX divisions
Reps can be broken up in any way, in each workout.
Each WOD will award 100 points to first place, 95 points to second place, 90 points to third place, 85 points to fourth place, and so on.
WOD 1:
2 rounds for time (10 minute cap)
40 Calorie Assault Bike
80ft Single Dumbbell Walking Lunge (50/35#) (35/20#)
40 Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35#) (35/20#)
Workout Notes:
Both athletes must be standing next to the bike until the clock starts. Athletes may switch in any way to reach 40 calories. Only when 40 calories is shown on the bike screen, then athletes move on to the dumbbell lunges.
The dumbbell can be held in any way when lunging. The back knee must touch the floor each step. The athlete must be standing up with both feet crossing the finish line. One dumbbell will be used for the lunges.
The thrusters start with a full front squat directly into an overhead press. Legs must be locked and head thru at the top for reps to count. Two dumbbells will be used for the thrusters.
50# and 35# used for RX
35# and 20# used for SCALED
WOD 2:
6 minute AMRAP
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs (20”) (16”)
12 Pull-ups / Jumping Pull-ups
Workout notes:
Burpee box jumps must start standing and facing perpendicular to the box. Lower until the chest and thighs are on the floor. Any way of lowering and standing up is allowed. Athletes must jump on and over the box each rep. Jumping over in one motion is allowed. Stepping up is not allowed.
Pull-ups start in a hanging position with elbows locked. Chin must go over the horizontal plane of the bar for the rep to count.
Jumping pull-ups with be measured from the wrist crease of each athlete and must start with the elbows locked and chin over the plan of the bar to finish.
20″ Box and Pull-ups for RX
16″ Box and Jumping Pull-ups for SCALED
WOD 3:
For time (10 minute cap)
400 meter Run together
50 Toes to Bar / Abmat Sit-ups (hands touch floor behind, then wall in front)
40 Clean and Jerks (135/95#) (95/65#)
30 Snatches (135/95#) (95/65#)
Workout notes:
Athletes must run as a team and both bring back a token to show they’ve completed the entire run. Tokens will be at the halfway turn around point. Both athletes must be back from the run before any other reps can be started.
Toes to bar must start hanging with elbows locked and feet behind the vertical plane of the bar. Both feet must touch the bar for each rep to count.
Sit-ups start with the athlete laying back to touch the hands to the floor behind them. Then they must sit up to touch both hands to the wall in front of them for reps to count.
Clean and jerks start from the floor and the barbell must be cleaned to the shoulder in one continuous motion. Once the barbell touches the shoulder, it must then be pressed overhead with knees, hips, and elbows fully extended at the top for the reps to count.
Snatches must start from the floor and the barbell travels overhead in one continuous motion. Full lockout of elbows, hips and knees must be achieved at the top.
Toes to Bar and 135#/95# used for RX
Abmat Sit-ups and 95/65# used for SCALED
WOD 4: (A and B are two separate event scores, worth 100 points each)
8 minutes on the clock:
4A) 50 Calorie Row buy in
4B) Find a 1 rep max combined deadlift weight in the remaining time (bar remains empty until the row is finished)
Workout notes:
Both athletes must start standing next to the rower as the clock starts. Athletes may switch in any way to reach 50 calories. Once 50 calories shows on the screen, time will be noted for the score of 4A. Barbell must remain unloaded and untouched until 50 calories has been reached.
Both athlete’s maximum weight lifted will be added together and that total will be the score of 4B.
For the deadlift, athletes must stand up all the way with the shoulders behind the bar and knees and hips extended. Dropping the weight once extended is allowed.
One 45# barbell will be used for each team.
A final workout will be released after all teams have finished WOD 4. The top 5 teams from each division will advance to the final workout. The final WOD will award 100 points to first place, 80 to second, 60 to third, 40 to fourth, 20 to fifth.
Total points will be added together by the end of the day and podium finishers will be decided. CASH PRIZES will be awarded to the RX podium finishers, as well as lots of other prizes for all podium finishers (RX and SCALED).
No t-shirts inlcuded due to the low admission price. Each athlete will receive a goodie bag on competition day at registration.


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