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Dual2Duel Crossfit Summer Series 2014

Start date
01 June 2014
Start time
End date
01 June 2014
End time
The Old Apple Shed
United Kingdom
Corkscrew Lane
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About the event

Its a same gender pairs event format. Teams can enter either just a single event date or enter all 3 events in the series. The participants receive a discount and free event T-Shirt if they sign up for the entire series. The organizers expect to attract a good level of elite athletes to the event to battle it out for the top honours but also expect intermediate athletes to get involved too.


The summer series winners walk home with a year’s sponsorship to RockTape and become RockStars for the year with a load of prizes from Bulldog Gear and Primal Kitchen the other supporting sponsors for the division winners at each event date.


Each days event will consist of 3 WOD’s + Final.  All the teams perform the same 1st WOD. Based on the results of WOD 1, the field will be split into 3 divisions making up the RX, Scaled and Beginner categories.

Mini Events, Prizes and Give-Aways

Throughout the day there will also be breakout WOD’s. These WOD’s won’t count to the teams total score but a chance for them to participate in ‘mini events’ during the day when their team is not participating in the main WOD’s.  It’s not compulsory for them to do the breakout WOD’s but its just a chance for everyone to stay busy throughout the day with prizes and give-aways from the supporting sponsors.

The organizers hope to create a very lively atmosphere for both competitors and spectators alike with a DJ throughout the day, BBQ and west country cider served for spectators. There will be sports massage treatment facilities, a RockTape taping room and a few other product displays on the day.

The events dates are:

Sunday : 10am – 4pm (9:15 registration)

  • 1st June 2014
  • 20th July 2014
  • 14th September 2014


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