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Eleiko Basic Gymnastic Trainer

Start date
22 October 2016
Start time
End date
23 October 2016
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Unscared CrossFit
2e Daalsedijk 4bis
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€480, excluding 25% VAT. incl digital course material

About the event

Training Method
Our training method is based mostly on practice, ie to perform the exercises yourself, see how others perform and correct them in their exercises – both in words and physically. Some will be pure theory so bring your pen and paper. We want you to bring extra training clothes, preferably tight ones.

We shall use rings, paralettes, rigs and dumbbells, but mostly you will use your own body.

How do we want you to contribute?
We want you to be really engaged – both in yourself and in the rest of the participants. We want you to be open minded and even willing to abandon your habits.

Who will benefit from Eleiko Basic Gymnastic Trainer?
It does not matter what background you have, but it helps a lot if you have worked in the fitness industry and have experience in training. It is also good if you have decided to go ”out of the box”.

You will gain greater understanding of :
– How positions look like in the different exercises
– What muscles that should be activated and why
– What is required to perform different exercises (flexibility, strength, etc.).
– Tests that can be used to decide if you are ready for more advanced exercises
– How to explain to clients how an exercise should be performed
– How a movement should feel and understand the difference between right and wrong movements
– How the other person moves and be able to correct and control the movement

The following exercises we shall learn to understand, train and provide much feedback on:
Hollow, Call-rowing, Pull-ups, Toes to Bar, Knees to Elbow, Beat Swings in the railing, Gymnastics gasped pull-ups, Butterfly pull-ups, Backward role, Call Muscle-up, Bar Muscle-Up, Swinging in the Rings, Ice Cream Maker, Pistols, Head stand, Hand stand, Push ups, L-sit, Rope climbing, Rope Muscle-up, Backflip progression

How can you prepare yourself?
– Read the pre-course material (will be sent to you a week before the course starts)
– Test the exercises (see material)
– Take note of things you do not understand or could not perform

Equipment to bring:
– Socks- T-shirt / tank top, tight
– Training pants, tight
– Sweatshirt


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