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Grid Ireland Summer Tournament

Start date
01 August 2015
Start time
End date
02 August 2015
End time
Grid Ireland, CrossFit Navan
Unit 1a, Mullaghboy Industrial Estate
Registration page
Athlete price
1160 EUR per team
Spectator price

About the event

Grid Racing.
Each team will complete 8 or 9 races. Similar to the NPGL pro format.
Two teams will be racing head to head at a time.
Rotating who races who & the order.

Saturday 1st August – European Teams
Sunday 2nd August – Irish Provincial Teams

10 teams max per day
– 14 players max per team: 7 men & 7 women

€1,000 entry fee per team franchise (ex vat & fees)

Winner takes all ….. (up to €10,000 each day)


WEBPAGE HERE – http://www.mystudio.ie/gridevents/

::::::::::How to set up a team franchise ::::::::::

Who can buy a franchise?
Individuals, group of individuals, sole trader, company or partnership.

Do I need to be an affiliate or a gym owner to purchase a team?
No. Prospective team owners must show how and where they intend to recruit players. Also must present a plan on how they will manage & train the team before being accepted as a franchise.

How many players do you need on a team?
Each final roster must include a maximum of 14 players, 7 men & 7 women. Each team must have at least 10 players ‘dressed’ at the event, 5 male & 5 female. Including one 35+ of each gender.

*What are the Irish provincial restrictions?
All athletes on the team must train, more than half of their time, in any one of the following provincial combinations. There is no limit on how many teams can enter from one province.
Leinster only
Munster only
Ulster only
Connaught only
Leinster & Connaught
Munster & Connaught
Ulster & Connaught

Are there any restrictions on European Teams?
No, teams can source their athletes from anywhere. However, the 35+ rule still applys.

What if I cannot get a full squad?
Your players may come from many different backgrounds. Just like the professional league (NPGL), a very many pro team players come from gymnastics, weightlifting & other sporting backgrounds.
We will have a talent combine on June 14th in Ireland where team owners can scout for suitable players.

What about sponsors & jerseys?
The event will have its own headline sponsors. Each franchise may secure individual sponsors. Team owners must supply each player with a suitable team uniform, or jersey, for the event. Team colours, logos & names must be pre-approved before final squad deadline.

Will teams know what the races will be and can they practice on the Grid Court?
The race details for the event will be released after all the franchisees are secured. There will be four weekends for Irish teams to visit & practice on the court after the squad submission deadline. Practice time will be limited to 2 hours per team either Saturday or Sunday.
European teams will be allowed to practice on the Thurdsay or Friday before the event.

What happens after the tournament?
Each team franchise will get first refusal on a new Grid league. More details to be announced.

May 31st – Race Detail announcement
June 7th – Deadline for invites to Combine and/or Ireland Team
June 14th – Combine (talent scouting & Team Ireland tests)
June 21st- Deadline for team franchise payments
June 25th – Final Squad Submission
& spectator ticket details released.
June 28th – Practice
July 5th – Practice
July 12th – Practice
July 19th – Practice
July 30th & 31st – Euro Team Practice
Aug 1st & 2nd – Grid Ireland Tournaments

Click here to complete a team franchise application pack

Athletes wishing to be considered for a team franchise enter your deatils here.


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