05 Oct 14



Ironmac Core Training Day 2014

Start date
05 October 2014
Start time
End date
05 October 2014
End time
Stella Bartram Fitness
United Kingdom
Unit 10, 28 St Luke's Place
Zip code
G5 0TS

About the event

If there is one aspect of training that is the most misunderstood – It’s training the core.

Andy can’t wait to share his interpretation on core training, otherwise known as ‘whole body integrated strength from toes to fingers’.

You are only as strong as your core. Big compound lifts are not enough!


This workshop will be focused on ripping through layers of the body and getting to the stuff that works. We look at how to get it stable, control movement, apply it to our sport or everyday life. More importantly, to provide a strong platform to build an unbreakable you.


Who is it for:

  • Personal trainers
  • Strength Coaches
  • Physiotherapists
  • Sports Rehabilitation Therapists
  • Sports Massage Therapists
  • Athletes and experienced trainees


To be challenged and feeling your whole body the next day…and quite possibly the next. You will also have a clear understanding of how to progress from the correct starting point and have a methodology from there.

Remember if it wobbles you can’t use it for core training.


For more information go to: http://ironmac-education.mybigcommerce.com/ironmac-core-training-day/


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