26 Apr 14



Judgement Day 2014

Start date
26 April 2014
Start time
End date
27 April 2014
End time
Copehill Down
United Kingdom
Tilshead,Salisbury Plain
Zip code
Athlete price
from 60€

About the event

Judgement Day are committed to evolving obstacle racing and challenging participants, with their first event launching on 26 and 27 April 2014, within a live Ministry of Defence training facility at Salisbury Plain.

The concept for Judgement Day came from our own experiences of obstacle races, mud runs and endurance events. We wanted to combine the physicality of the events with a test of your mental grit and ability to quickly react to the unknown. We have spent two years attending events and very few challenged us fully. It was this, combined with our love of being outdoors that inspired us to set up our own event. We have asked ourselves two simple questions along the way “Would we spend our own money to take part in this event”and “Does it truly challenge us?”

We can categorically tell you that we answered “Yes!” to both.


  • Deliver a challenge – that will push you to your limits physically and mentally.
  • Never be the same – we won’t post course maps or a list of obstacles and we will always look to vary distances, provide unique venues and offer varying terrain.
  • Give you an experience you won’t forget – with a combination of natural and man-made obstacles designed by a senior fitness advisor for Sandhurst Military Academy.
  • Get you outdoors – we want to build a community of people who enjoy taking part at some incredible sites and venues around the country.
  • Give you plenty of laughs – we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and neither should you. Our events will certainly test you, but more importantly, they’ll give you some great memories and a huge sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line.

We want to continually evolve, and we don’t want to be known for one style of event. If you have a unique idea, and there’s enough interest from amongst the Judgement Day community then we’re happy to provide the platform to do it.

Come and share your ideas with us on FacebookTwitter and even email. Alternatively you could ask for us at the events.


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