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JumpnRope Double Under Seminar

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20 May 2014
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20 May 2014
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About the event

The JumpNrope Double Under Seminar

Since 2011 JumpNRope has visited over 120 CrossFit gyms around the world, teaching the double under skill to athletes and coaches of all abilities. The response and effectiveness to our one-of-a-kind seminars have been so outstanding that we continue to receive inquiries every day from gyms wanting to host.  In order to keep up with the demand we continue to tour around the world training athletes of all skill levels.

The JumpNrope Double Under/Speed seminar is unique because we are the only company that offers the athletes and affiliate owners with jump rope instruction that was created by competitive jump rope athletes and coaches. There is a reason JumpNrope has a 10,000 sqft facility dedicated to jump rope training – it is what we do, and we do it well.

Foundations/Mechanics: What does an efficient double under even look like?

JumpNrope coaches will work with a hands-on approach to physically show (to give you a visual experience for your mind) and help you get into proper and effective jumping form.  The JumpNrope Double Under Set-Up™ is a one-of-a-kind instruction used by coaches all over the world to teach the double under skill in their foundations/on ramp programs.

Rope and body awareness: What size, type, & length of jump rope should I use?

With an endless number of jump ropes on the market, what jump rope is right for me?  With all your constantly-varied workouts comes a constantly-varied jumper.  JumpNrope focuses on the entire jump rope progression and how you can adapt your rope(s) to your ever-changing workouts.  Here’s a clue – there is no fixed-length rope to use for ALL you workouts, that is, unless you don’t care about your efficiency.

JumpNrope brings our full line of patented, progression-based jump ropes to the seminar for athletes to use, as well as instruction on why we use what we use.  Founder Molly Metz is the patent holder on this system, and continues to carry the only line of jump ropes created by a competitive jump rope athlete/coach.

Have a jump rope that you’re happy with already? Pull it out at the end of the seminar so we can resize and adjust it if we need to.  We love our product line, but we love you being an effective jumper even more.  We want to find what works for you- education is our emphasis, though we do sell deeply-discounted ropes at the end of the seminar, should you find one or two that fits your needs.

Efficiency vs. ‘Just Doing It’

It is quite possible to guarantee that everyone can “do” a double under after attending our training, however our intent isn’t for athletes to “just do” a double under.  We strive to set efficiency goals and progression-based breakdown for every level of athlete who attends our seminar.  Jumping rope / doing Double Unders can (and should) be “easy”, we strive to make it “easy” and fun for all of you. We all have a different path in our jumping journey- let us help you set that up.

Speed Training Intro

There is more to life than training only your double unders, in fact speed work translates into effective training for double unders.

Individual Attention

We value every athlete we teach, so we always work to ensure we have a healthy ratio of coach to athlete.  Our seminar is dynamic, interactive and very hands on.  We ensure each athlete leaves the seminar with tools and direct coaching from the JumpNrope coaches. Theory and lecture is important to Coach Molly, but we believe that getting down to the dirty is even better when it’s fun.

The Show

Yup, we love to show off at the end of a seminar.  Why not?  Get a glimpse into the World of Competitive Jump Rope!  We will show you a small piece of the performances we’ve done at the CrossFit Games and what our sport is all about.



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