28 Jun 14



Langhantelathletik Tour 2014

Start date
28 June 2014
Start time
End date
29 June 2014
End time
Crossfit Vienna The Warehouse
Inkustrasse 1-7
Zip code
3400 Klosterneuburg

About the event

Our barbell Athletics Team provides an effective total body workout.

The fact that the barbell should be an applied training tool in many sports , is beyond question. Nevertheless, it is controversial , what value should have in the training process , the barbell training . Professionals from different sports are in agreement: The complex design of strength training and the interplay of many muscle groups play an important role. This means: not isolated eingelenkiges strength training or oversized stabilization training brings us further, but challenging full-body exercises such as : stand tearing, stand conversion or squats.

The focus of the workshop is:

  • Intensive technology training (theory and practice ) for barbell training
  • Applying the technique ( practice ) for a sustainable and successful barbell training

Our workshop tour is conducted by experienced barbell expert Martin Zawieja and Christian Thomas . Known as athletic trainer in teams and in the care of Bundesliga teams in team sports , they have now successfully supported over 10 years, many athletes and significant performance improvements generated. Especially developed exclusively by you learning phase model barbell training is leading the way in the German performance sports . In our workshops, important practical tips and suggestions for improving the barbell techniques are in addition to the learning phase model launched . Here are income and expenses always in tune with the needs of the participants.


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