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Lift More Olympic Weightlifting Camp

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18 February 2017
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End date
19 February 2017
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About the event

+++ Lift More Olympic is one of the fastest growing and most influential Olympic Weightlifting seminars in the WORLD. They have been all across the US, Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Philippines, Turkey and throughout Latin America. Lift More Olympic even does programming for Ireland’s national and international team members, Italian boxes and for CrossFit regional athletes around the world.
So who are they and what do they do? Lift More Olympic is an international weightlifting seminar that focuses on the complex movements of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.
In all of sport, these 2 movements are probably the most difficult and involved. Their goal and mission is to teach these movements and make them easy to understand.
They take years of practice and understanding and bring it to you in a weekend long seminar.
Most people will never be competitive Weightlifters.
But, because of CrossFit people will see these movements often because no other movement can increase: strength, power, speed, balance, coordination, agility and mental focus than the Oly lifts.

+++ Saturday is focused on the Snatch and Sunday is focused on the Clean and Jerk. Topics covered included: how to achieve optimal technique for your person, because each person is different, drills to reinforce proper technique, drills they have developed to improve position, how to mentally prepare yourself to lift, weightlifting theory and practice, programming, styles of weightlifting seen around the world and how to move faster in WODs through efficient technique.
The cost to attend this seminar is €200 per person.

+++ Here are some reviews of the camp they have had that can also be found on their site.
“First I wanted to say thanks to Brandon for preparing and putting on a top level Olympic lifting class. The statement “Top Level” is not an exaggeration by an stretch. I have been a CrossFitter since 2008 and currently own and operate an affiliate. Over the last years I have attended some top lifting camps / seminars as well as Pendlay Level 1&2 and the CrossFit Olympic Lifting Course. I say the following with complete confidence, Lift More Olympic is by far the most impressive lifting course I have seen. Brandon is extremely approachable, knowledgable, skilled and as professional as they come. If you are looking to increase your lifts then look no further, Brandon Jackson, is where it’s at.”

“The Lift More Olympic camp could not have been more gratifying. It is an Olympic Lifting seminar FOR CrossFitters BY CrossFitters.
Brandon Jackson and his staff not only have the knowledge for successful and safe weightlifting, but more importantly they all posses the means of how to best apply those methods and theories to their athletes.”


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