29 May 15



Martin Rooney seminar: Speed + art of coaching

Start date
29 May 2015
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29 May 2015
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Vigor Sports Centre
Tržaška 135
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160 EUR - 200 EUR

About the event

Martin Rooney, the founder of Training For Warriors, will be giving an exciting and thought provoking 1-day seminar that will energize your mind and challenge your body. The full day will focus on speed training techniques and the coaching methodology that Martin has developed and applied to over 500,000 athletes. Over the last 15 years, Martin has trained top-level professional athletes in every sport as well as conducted training seminars in multiple countries for Olympic coaches, professional sports teams and military organizations. If you are a sport coach, athlete, trainer or therapist that would like to increase speed or your ability to coach others, you do not want to miss this rare opportunity.

Day Outline

Developing Athleticism and Sport Speed

The first lecture and hands on will focus on the development of athleticism and linear speed training techniques for all forms of sport. The linear section will involve a dynamic warm-ups, acceleration training techniques, maximal speed techniques, and advanced concepts in running assessment. It will also deliver hands-on practical sections on speed training exercises to improve speed, enhance technique and decrease the chance of injury.

Developing Agility and Deceleration Skill

In addition to straight ahead work, the day will also focus on the development of multi-directional speed. This change of direction section will focus on speed training techniques, plyometric jumping techniques and drills and exercises for agility training. In addition to agility drills and concepts, the hands-on training section will also focus on the less commonly known, but very important topic of deceleration training.

Coaching Greatness: 5 Skills of a Master Coach

Trainers TRAIN people. Coaches CHANGE people. Like it or not, if you are a personal trainer, therapist, teacher or parent, you are also a coach. Although the supply of exercise information is huge, there is little to transform an educated trainer who knows what to do into an exceptional coach who gets people to do it.
Martin has presented with his high-energy, hands-on in 25 countries over the last 5 years. This will be his first trip to Slovenia and it is your chance to take both your training and coaching abilities to the next level. If you are serious about helping yourself or the people you work with, reserve your space because spots are limited.


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