30 Jul 16



OPEX Athlete Camp

Start date
30 July 2016
Start time
End date
31 July 2016
End time
CrossFit Perpetua Dublin
20 Sir John Rogersons Quay
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Athlete price
$297 USD

About the event

Athlete camps are designed to teach you where you sit in the spectrum of fitness. We have designed the weekend to be difficult and organized so that it is doable for all levels of athletes that seek to see their innate genetic potential. It is a fantastic way to understand where you sit today, and give you a set of tests that you can go back to later to understand how you either have or haven’t progressed with your training.

We create an open environment for athletes to give all they have on those two days with no judgment attached, just the TRUTH. There are 2-4 testers per day; some testers will not be as hard as the others. Your results are compiled over the 2 days and we use the data to give you an idea of where you currently sit. We will test strength and skills, muscle endurance and all energy systems.

Whether you crush every test or struggle mightily there is no judgment, no right or wrong, just data on where you are at TODAY! We aim provide an environment that promotes learning and direction based on your goals and the results you put out during the weekend.

Some topics include but not limited to are:

Beginner, intermediate, advanced athlete development
How to run your engine based on your current level of fitness
How to win or do your best with what you have to work with
Aligning your actions up with your values and what it really takes to be the athlete you say you want to be (Stress management, values, outside factors that effect your ability to grow in the gym)
Program Design based on ones goals and values (this is not individualized, it is an idea that will help direct you in the right path. If you wish to work with our coaches exclusively let us know and we will contact you to set that up)
Nutrition as it relates to the training the sport as well as game day nutrition
Open discussion to any questions please come ready to be engaged in open conversation.
We start the camp off with a meet and greet and review what to expect over the 2-days. We don’t give the exact workouts beforehand because we want some sort of element of surprise so we can see true potential at the very moment with that workout prescribed. There will be 1-3 different breakouts of work with lecture in the AM and PM of both days


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