29 Mar 14



Paleo Seminar 2014

Start date
29 March 2014
Start time
End date
29 March 2014
End time
Shambho Open Office
1 Zuiderlaan
Zip code

About the event

On Saturday, March 29th we organize (Pure Pharma) is a free nutrition seminar with the theme “Paleo”. During this seminar you will learn more about ” healthy eating ” and ” healthy lifestyle”, starting from the Paleo – principle.

You will learn more about what you should eat, why, for example cereals still not as healthy as they claim, and how to recover from intense sporting activities with Paleo. Optimum does not We also give an overview how the Paleo diet practically applied in daily life. You also get ample opportunity to ask questions!

Who is this seminar most interesting?

  • You want to be healthier
  • You want more energy
  • You want to improve your athletic performance

We answer important questions such as:

  • What about cholesterol ? Can I eat eggs every day ?
  • What if I go to a restaurant , what are good choices ?
  • Can I turn off a marathon or triathlon if I follow paleo ?
  • Do I really here sugars and isotonic drinks for?
  • How do I get muscle mass ? Or how I just fall off ?
  • How can I easily prepare a delicious paleo meal?

The seminar itself continues in Shambho OpenOffice – Zuiderlaan 1 Gent. The doors open at 9:30 and we start out at 10am. The seminar itself takes about an hour and then you get ample time to ask questions.

Be sure to carry! Not have a pen & paper!

To maximize the answers to your questions, we provide only a maximum of 20 places!


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box rumours, nutrition tricks and more!

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