30 Aug 14



Powerlifting Clinic in Dublin

Start date
30 August 2014
Start time
End date
30 August 2014
End time
Elite Fitness & Performance Academy
United Kingdom
Unit 5 Brookfield Terrace

About the event

Brandon Lilly and Chad Wesley Smith are two of the most accomplished lifters and coaches in strength today. With powerlifting totals of 1015kg and 1020kg respectively, Brandon and Chad walk the walk of elite strength.

Juggernaut Powerlifting Clinics are your chance to learn first hand how to improve your lifts, strengthen your body and mind and maximize the effectiveness of your programming.


  • Warmup design to enhance performance and health through improved breathing and bracing of the spine.
  • Squat technique and choosing assistance exercises to address your weak points
  • Bench technique for the raw lifter and how to maximize your body’s unique leverages
  • Deadlift technique and mindset
  • Creating an off-season and meet training cycle
  • Explosive drills to enhance speed and power
  • Nutrition to add muscle and maximize performance
  • The mental side of training and competing at the highest levels


What are people saying about Juggernaut Powerlifting Clinics?


The JTS Powerlifting Clinic was well worth my time and money. You can tell the team cares so much about their sport and have a true desire to help others improve by attention paid, time spent, ensuring all questions were answered, and making sure you left with a better understanding than when you came in. I would recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in powerlifting. It was a game changer for me.


It was amazing getting to workout and get pointers from two of the best guys in the sport. With the tips they gave I was able to PR my squat by 30#, Bench by 10# and dead lift by a huge 50#! It was a very educational and energizing day!”


I found this clinic to be invaluable and the small group setting was an ideal learning environment. Not only did they review the lifts for us and give us individual pointers but we could also learn from what they were coaching other lifters to do. I attended the clinic on a Sunday and was immediately able to incorporate the tips I learned on Monday. This was well worth the cost of admission!


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