08 Oct 16



Powerlifting Seminar mit Ramon Gysin

Start date
08 October 2016
Start time
End date
08 October 2016
End time

About the event

This seminar Powerlifting World Champion, CrossFit Regionals athlete and four times Strongest Man of Switzerland Ramon Gysin is for all Crossfitter and friends of the heavy lifting!

Theory and practice alternate, provides you an in an intensive training!

Number of participants: Maximum 30th
Registration deadline: 23 September 2016

The application is deemed authentic.

About Ramon Gysin:

Powerlifting World Champion 2010 -90kg – 2012/2013 -100kg, 2.Platz -90kg World Cup 2011 / -100kg World Cup 2014, 3rd place -100kg Cup 2015 (WDFPF)
World record holder squat -100kg (WDFPF)
Winner Snatch Ladder CrossFit Games Regionals Europe 2012: https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/watch?v=1Oa0iBXmTZY&feature=player_detailpage
Level 1 Seminar Staff
Strength Coach “thetrainingplan.co” Jami Tikkanen

Personal records:

Squat: 275.5 kg => http://vimeo.com/110690470
Bench press: 170 kg
Deadlift: 292.5kg
Category -100kg


8:30 Registration and payment
9:00 Introduction, presentation, seminar goals and flow
9:15 What’s powerlifting?
9:30 What learn Crossfitter / health of athletes powerlifters?
9:45 practice Part 1: 3RM Backsquat, Bench Press, Deadlift
12:00 Lunch
13:15 Basics Trainingslehre
14:00 Practice Part 2: Integration maximal strength training in CrossFit class
15:00 10 min break
15:10 Training Organisation / Programming
15:40 More exercises for developing a complete ‘ground force’
15:50 The Role of Mobility / Activation, Nutrition Powerlifting
16:00 Practice Part 3: WOD
16:30 conclusion, summary, general tips


Hardest WODs, event photos,
box rumours, nutrition tricks and more!

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