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Recession Proof Body Calisthenics Workshop 2014

Start date
13 April 2014
Start time
End date
13 April 2014
End time
Evolve Fitness
United Kingdom
Springbank Industrial Estate
Zip code
BT17 0QL
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About the event

The workshop run by Lee Wade Turner & Miguel Ulloa is split into two parts, in the morning session it covers basic Bodyweight exercises, (press ups, dips, pull ups and muscle ups) working on correct technique, ways to improve overall strength and ways to build your reps.

More intensive variations of each exercise will be demonstrated and broken down where participants will explore different ways of training with them. Challenging solo/group workouts will wrap up each instructional segment working with parallettes, parallel bars, Rings and high bar.

After a lunch break the Bodyweight movements are taken up a few notches with advanced gymnastic/Bodyweight holds and exercises such as Front Lever, Back Lever, One arm pull ups and Human Flag are broken down with demonstrations through all the progressions needed to be worked on to achieving the full hold.
More modern and updated ‘Street Workout’ variations of these holds that require high levels of strength, control and creativity will be demonstrated by the coaches in freestyle sets where participants will see and learn more about the popular new form of Bodyweight training known as ‘Street Workout!’

The final part of the workshop will incorporate some of the new skills acquired in a fun and challenging core session where the participants will run through some drills and skills on the parallel and high bar. Afterwards the coaches will be able to answer any questions or concerns that you have regarding the days session.

*Places limited to 20 spots, so book early to avoid dissapointment*

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/854110697939851/?ref=5


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