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Scaled & Absolute Beginners Championships Ireland Autumn 2016

Start date
15 October 2016
Start time
End date
16 October 2016
End time

About the event

The Scaled & Beginners Championship, Ireland Autumn 2016 takes place in CrossFit Tipperary on 15th and 16th October is the 2016 Irish event in a European Scaled Competition Series.

The event is a paired competition for beginner and scaled athletes and will comprise of 90 teams competing over 2 days.

There are two categories Absolute Beginners and Scaled Athletes.

The Absolute Beginner Women and Scaled Women’s Teams will compete on Saturday 15th October.
The Absolute Beginners and Scaled Men’s Teams will compete on the Sunday 16th October.

All competing athletes will receive a goody bag from our partners WODcrusher (Scitec Nutrition) and podium winners will receive a WODcrusher winners pack, winners T’s, 150euro prize money and unique handmade bronze medals from an Irish Silversmith.

This is not a ‘test your mettle’ competition. The objective of the competition is to introduce athletes to competing in CrossFit. This will be suitable for athletes taking part in their first or second competition.
The Absolute Beginners category is for people who have not been training for long and have not competed before.
The WODs will be challenging but nothing harder that you’ve done before in your own box. We want to give people an opportunity to get used to being judged and performing in front of a crowd. It should be fun and while it will give you a chance to measure yourself against other athletes, we are not trying to test maximum strength or push too many boundaries.
As this is a scaled competition there will not be any high level gymnastic movements (i.e. no chest to bar pull-ups, no muscle ups, handstand push-ups, handstand walking). There will be no Snatching and no max lifts on Olympic movements.
Athletes must be scaled athletes that have not previously competed in Intermediate or RX competitions.

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