28 Aug 16



Sheffield’s Strongest Woman and Sheffield’s Strongest Novice

Start date
28 August 2016
Start time
End date
28 August 2016
End time

About the event

Been getting requests for a woman’s comp and a men’s novice

Max 15 competitors in each and £20 entry fee

Please send payment through PayPal
Ian.phillips30@hotmail.com state category and t-shirt size
Or pay at the gym

All events 60seconds

Any questions please ask


1, Axel Press – FTO H2H 40kg
2, Car dead lift – Mitsubishi Colt + 2x 25kg barrels
3, Tyre Toss, 15ft – 5 car tires
4, Conan’s Wheel – 120kg
5, Atlas stone over yoke – 60kg

Men’s novice

1, Axel Press – FTO H2H – 85kg
2, Car Dead lift – Mitsubishi Colt + 2x 80kg barrels
3, keg Toss ,15ft, 12,12,12,14,14,16kg. 4,Conan’s Wheel – 180kg
5, Stone over Yoke – 110kg

men’s Novice

1,Zachary Perry, XL -Paid
2,Ashton Roberts, Paid
3,Elliot Williams,Paid M
4,Kriss Weetman,Paid
5,Guy Sewell,Paid L
6,Phil Rhodes, Paid XL
7,Dan Murray,Paid L
8,Rob Glover, Paid XL
9,Kody Riley, Paid L
10,Steve Hufton, Paid XL
11,Jordan Webster, Paid L
12,Danny Manyou, Paid XXL
13,Dan Newton, Paid
14,James Sargent,Paid XL
15, Dale Frost, Paid XL
16,Umit Yasin Akyildiz ,Paid
17,Rory Mack,Paid XL
18,Richard Paull XL Paid
19,Nathan Sargent,Paid XXL
20,Stefan Gronnerud,Paid XL

Reserve list
Joel Booth


1,Kylie Gabriel,Paid L
2,Stef Pike,Paid S
3,Mena Wilson, Paid S
4,Emma Jane Kennedy,Paid M
5,Sophie Ollin, Paid XL
6,Victoria Paterson,Paid S
7,Emma Clarke,Paid
8,Mary Anderson,Paid
9,mickey fairclough,Paid L
10,Claire Leatham,Paid S
11,Ana Polujan,Paid S
12,Kat Kristensen,Paid M
13,Briony Farlow, Paid M
14,Gulsun Akman,Paid L
15,Yasmina Khetir,paid M
16,Rachael Gregory,Paid S
17,Rachel Blow,Paid L


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