07 Sep 15



strength beyond strength

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07 September 2015
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End date
04 October 2015
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worldwide online
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The ultimate strength competition testing you with max lifts and complexes. Make sure you are able to clean & jerk and snatch as we will be testing you in these lifts as well as many more with complexes involved. It’s going to be you against the rest of the world. you have 5 lifts to hit a maximum weight in each lift over 5 months. so you will have a 1 lift a month to get the best score possible and lift the most you can. there will also be cash prizes for the overall winners in each age group.

We have also done a team competition so if you think you are not as strong as most maybe in a team is the way forward. with teams of 4 being 2 males and 2 females some of the lifts will be max weight adding your weights together and some could be max output within a time limit.


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