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StrongBox 2016

Start date
20 November 2016
Start time
End date
20 November 2016
End time

About the event

The competition is designed to crown the STRONGEST box in the UK & Europe. Max lifts will be tested in our mixed team competition along with other traditional strength tests including some strongman elements and awkward object workouts.

No qualifiers to enter. This entry will gain your box team, access to compete in StrongBox 2016 at the finals at Reebok CrossFit Reading on Sunday 20th November.

Cost per team: £120
(Teams of 8 up to 15 – price doesn’t change)

Our all inclusive competition is aimed at boxes who would like a large participation from their members as teams can vary from 8 to 15! Rules on scores will include scores from female competitors and all scores will be based on body weight using the Sinclair formula.

*Your team will produce 3 scores in each of the following disciplines. One of which have to be a FEMALE score.

Max Clean & Jerk
Max Snatch
Max Deadlift
Max Bench
Max Back Squat

*Each participant can only score in a maximum of 2 disciplines – this is to encourage a larger participation from your box but also to crown the STRONGEST BOX not the strongest individuals e.g. if you choose Becky to score in the Deadlift and Snatch, she cannot score in any of the other disciplines.

*The strongest teams with the biggest scores in the disciplines above will make it through to the semi final where different tests of strength will be tested (to be released on the day) and then a final cut will be made once again for the final event of the day.

*All lifts and tests will be under CrossFit standards, so press outs will be allowed and no pauses or holding positions are necessary. A full list of movement standards will be sent out to you once you have registered your team.

*Each of your participants have to be a paying member at your box and must train at your box. No super teams or drafting members from partner programming allowed.

No refunds will be permitted but ticket transfers to another box will be allowed.

For more details regarding the competition rules and stipulations, please contact;

Becky Pykett with contact adresses.


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