10 Apr 14



SuperHuman Games 2014

Start date
10 April 2014
Start time
End date
10 April 2014
End time
Greville Smyth Park
United Kingdom
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About the event

Superhuman Games is a friendly competition that gives same-sex pairs a chance to compete with likeminded fitness fanatics from all across the country.

You will take part with a team mate in five grueling challenges throughout the day and you earn points for completing the challenges for your team, the team with the highest points win!

The competition is designed to challenge your overall fitness across a variety of fitness disciplines.

** Workouts will be released soon **

The Structure:

  • The Games is a same sex pairs competition.
  • You & your team mate will need to take part in five challenges throughout the day.
  • Each challenge will be different to the next and each will push you both to the limits.

You will be given a timetable in the weeks prior to the event so that you can plan your strategy.

A live leader board has been built and will be active throughout the day.

Age Categories: (the age of your team will be the average age of both individuals)

  • 18-34
  • 35+

The Scoring System:
You will have 20 mins to complete as much work as possible. The amount of work completed will equate to an amount of points

The Challenges: (5 x 20 mins)

  • Vo2 Max – (Duel Workout) Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Strength & Honour – (Duel Workout) Deadlifts, Farmers Walk
  • Unconventional Beast – (Duel Workout) Tyre Flips & Tyre Drags
  • Brutal 500 – (Duel Workout) Burpees & Barbell Thrusters
  • Drill Sergeant – (Team Relay) Military Assault Course


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