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Team Thorium Global League

Start date
01 January 2015
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End date
12 June 2015
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About the event

Team Thorium Global League in association with WODcast
Train Together Compete Together
This is a two person same sex team Online competition with also free places for the Team Thorium 2 Final on June 20th-21st 2015 up for grabs.

The Competition
5 On-Line workouts, 5 months
1 Per Month of increasing technical difficulty. They are designed so whatever your starting point you can compete and complete the workouts, giving you and your training partner specific goals and targets to train for.

The Prizes
*£3000 Prize fund split between male/female and masters categories, individual workout winners and overall league winners.
*Prize fund supplied on the basis minimum of 300 teams enter. If we don’t reach that point 50% of the total registration pot goes towards the fund.
Free places up for grabs at The Team Thorium 2 Final June 20th-21st.

The Categories
To qualify for Masters Places both team members must be on or over required age before the 8th Jan 2015

The Workouts
5 workouts, 1 per month launched on the 8th of each month.
You then have until the end of that month to complete the workout.
The workouts will gradually increase in technical difficulty, the first Two workouts should be at a level any athlete can post a score, workouts 3,4 and 5 will gradually increase in difficulty, however scaling options will be available, if you don’t progress as quickly as the workouts do.

The Location
This is primarily an On-Line Competition, however there are up to 30 team spots up for grabs for Team Thorium 2 which is being held in Durham UK on the 20th, 21st,June 2015.

Registration for This Competition Opens on New Years Eve with a prize draw of 2 pairs of Customised Reebok Nano’s drawn on New Years Day.
Buy your partner a piece of positive motivation for 2015 with a chance for you both to win a special prize on New Years Day.
Registration is £25 per Team.


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