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The Athlete Games 2015 (former “Battle of London”)

Start date
17 January 2015
Start time
End date
18 January 2015
End time
Phones 4u Arena
United Kingdom
Victoria Station Trinity Way
Zip code
M3 1AR

About the event

The Athlete Games (formerly Battle of London) is a two-day event featuring some of the finest athletes from around the world.

The Athlete Games Finals will take place at the Phones 4U Arena in Manchester, UK on the 17th and 18th of January 2015. The event will see 300 athletes compete over two days to see who will be victorious in The Athlete Games and take home their share of the $40,000 prize purse!

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete at the Athlete Games? You’ll have to qualify first.


  1. Male & Female Individual
  2. Male & Female 35-39 (must be 35 years + on or before the 17th of Jan 2015)
  3. Male & Female 40-44 (must be 35 years + on or before the 17th of Jan 2015)
  4. Male & Female 45+ (must be 45 years + on or before the 17th of Jan 2015)


  1. Male & Female Scaled
  2. Male & Female 35-39 (must be 35 years + on or before the 17th of Jan 2015)
  3. Male & Female 35-44 (must be 35 years + on or before the 17th of Jan 2015)
  4. Male & Female 45+ (must be 45 years + on or before the 17th of Jan 2015)

Registration for the online qualifiers will open on Friday the 17th of October and registration will close at 19:00 (GMT) on Friday the 8th of November. No late entries will be accepted. All athletes will need to register under a CrossFit Affiliate. An affiliate manager will have to be nominated and will be responsible for verifying athletes scores each week.

Before getting the opportunity to battle it out in Manchester each athlete will first have to qualify through the online competition.

A selection of qualifying athletes (and prize-winning athletes from the online scaled competition) will be asked to provide video submissions for all three workouts. The athletes who have scored high enough to qualify and who are selected to provide videos will be notified that they must submit videos on 1st December; they will then have until 08:00 GMT on 2nd December to submit videos in order to retain their qualifying position. Whilst videos do not need to be submitted when you submit your scores, we highly recommend if you are aiming to qualify (or be a top finisher in the online scaled competition) that you upload your videos with scores as you go to avoid any lastminute upload issues that may cost you a qualifying place. Videos should be loaded to a video hosting site like YouTube. The public link to that video is then submitted with your score.

The online qualifiers will run from the 15th to the 30th November 2014.

All three workouts will be released at 19:00 (GMT) on Friday 15th November. Athletes will have until Friday 30th November at 19:00 (GMT) to complete the workouts, submit their scores and have their score verified by their affiliate manager.

All workouts must be completed at a registered CrossFit affiliate and athletes must be judged by a level 1 CrossFit coach.

The Athlete Games leaderboard will be live throughout the qualifier and will be updated as scores are submitted. Athletes will be awarded points depending on their placing in each workout. At the end of the qualifiers athletes will receive an overall ranking. The top 100 individuals and top 25 masters from each division will be invited to compete at the The Athlete Games finals in January. A total of 300 athletes.

Athletes finishing in qualifying positions must have uploaded videos by 08:00am on Tuesday 2nd December.

Qualifying athletes will receive an email inviting them to compete at the finals; this will be sent out on Wednesday 3rd December and athletes will have 4 days until the 7th of December at 19:00 GMT to accept their place and purchase their competitor ticket. Those who do not do so will forfeit their place at the finals and the place will be offered to the next athlete in line.

Second round offers will be sent out on Monday 8th of December and those athletes will then have 4 days until the 13th December at 19:00 GMT to accept and their place and purchase their competitor ticket.


The scaled competition will run alongside the online qualifiers. This category is aimed at athletes who want to compete but may not have the experience to Rx the qualifier workouts. The workouts for this category will be very similar to the qualifier workouts but the weights will be lighter and the movements may be scaled slightly. While completing these scaled workouts won’t give you the opportunity to compete at the The Athlete Games finals it will still give you a chance to see how you compare against athletes of a similar standard and hopefully provide you with a challenge and motivation to continue competing. Prizes will be awarded to the top 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female athletes in the scaled division.

Please note that if you enter the scaled competition you won’t be able to change to another category once the first workout has been released, nor will an athlete who enters the online qualifiers be able to change to the scaled category.

The event finals will take place on the 17th and 18th of January at the Phones 4u Arena.

Cash prizes will be awarded to…

The top 5 male and female individuals will win $1000 each

1st Place Male and Female – $7,500 each
2nd Place Male and Female –  $2,000 each
3rd Place Male and Female – $1000 each

1st place Male and Female Masters – $1500 each
2nd place Male and Female Masters – $500 each
3rd place Male and Female Masters – $250 each


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