28 Jan 16



The Greater London League 2016

Start date
28 January 2016
Start time
End date
29 January 2016
End time

About the event

The Greater London League will be kicking off the 2nd addition of the League in January 2017.

This will have a twist with Weightlifting and we are waiting confirmation from a huge British sponsor.

We have a 6000 sqft facility and will be aiming to have 150-200 Athletes and Spectators on the day.

Calling all Athletes and Affiliate Owners, this will be a 2 day (weekend) competition with a 2 guys and 2 girl team.

During the first GLL we had over 100 Athletes compete, so we are hoping this will see a huge cease due to the popularity and positive feedback we received from the launch.

Prepare your teams, reserve your place early and start prepping your game!

Feed the Fight not the Fear #StrongerTogether


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