12 Jul 14



The Kings of WOD

Start date
12 July 2014
Start time
End date
13 July 2014
End time
Rua da Cintura do Porto a Santos
Zip code
1200 -109

About the event

If you’re into Crossfit, you’ll want to find out more about The Kings of WOD! It sets out to be the ultimate fitness competition, putting warriors through three testing battles, across three different nations – Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

Competition as a journey to ancient times

The Kings of WOD is based on a unique and dynamic concept, and promises to be much more than your everyday fitness challenge. The competition takes us on a journey to ancient times when civilizations would select their best warriors to serve in their armies, by testing their physical strengths and abilities.

The rules & registration

The athletes will compete for points that will be attributed at the end of each stage. After each of them has been completed, the best athletes in each category (Elite Male, Elite Female, Masters Male and Masters Female) as well as the best performing athletes of each tribe will compete between each other for the title of The King of WOD.

Lacee Kovács and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Several internationally renowned athletes will be joining the event, such a Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Rasmus Wisbech, Carmen Bosmans, Riccardo Donati and Lacee Kovács.


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