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Vigor Fittest F#$% 2013

Start date
07 December 2013
Start time
End date
07 December 2013
End time
Tržaška 135
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About the event

The question is what’s going up, and the answer is a lot of weight, that’s what. To be precise, it’s Vigor Fittest F#$% 2013 challenge, which is Vigor’s first open event, organized on the principles of functional training events or throwdowns, if you pardon the pun. It’s an individual only event, with the only distinction made between male and female competitors.


Saturday, 7 December 2013, starting at 9.00 a.m.


VigorGround, Tržaška 135, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Registration fee?

Each competitor will be asked to pay a registration fee of 10 EUR on the day of the event.

Any prizes up for grabs?

The top three athletes from each category well receive prizes from our sponsors: Vigor Fuel, CrossGym, Amfibija (Inov-8 shoes)

Description of the events



  • 12 minutes (4 intervals of 3 minutes)
  • Each interval begins with a 500 m row
  • After completing the 500 m row, competitors will do burpee jumps over an Olympic bar until the end of the 3-minute interval


  • Every rowing interval begins at the start of the 3 minute interval on the judge’s call; failure to act according to the judge’s call will see the athlete penalized by subtracting one burpee off the total score
  • Athletes can only get off the rower once they have completed the 500 m interval; failure to act according to the judge’s call will see the athlete penalized by subtracting one burpee off the total score
  • A burpee will only be completed and counted after the athlete clears the bar with a two-footed jump
  • At the bottom of the burpee the chest and hips have to touch the floor in order for a rep to be valid


  • The final score will be the total number of burpees
  • If any two or more athletes have the same number of burpees at the end of the WOD, the athlete with the better time in the first 500m row interval will be the winner




Part 1

  • Maximum clean & jerk
  • Athletes have 8 minutes to hit their max lifts.


  • The starting weight can be 50 kg, 70 kg or 90 kg
  • Weight increments are 5 kg
  • The weight can only go up


  • The starting weight can be 35 kg, 50 kg or 65 kg
  • Weight increments are 2,5 kg
  • The weight can only go up


Part 2

5 x pull up + 5 x HSPU AMRAP sprint, 3 minutes

Optional regression for female athletes:

  • Instead of HSPUs, female athletes can opt for shoulder to overhead reps
  • Bars are to be cleaned from the floor
  • Weight  30 kg
  • Number of reps: 10
  • Scoring: athletes will score 5 points for 10 reps; if the final number of reps is odd, then the score will be the lower even number, for example.: for a total number of 23 reps shoulder to overhead, the athlete will gain 11 points, as the reps will be rounded off down to 22
  • Athletes have to opt for a regression before the start of the WOD
  • Regressions or progressions will not be possible during the WOD

There will be 1 minute for transition between Part 1 and 2 of the WOD.


  • The final score will be the sum of the maximum clean & jerk and the total number of reps (points) from Part 2, for example: 75 kg + 43 reps = 118


WOD 3 / Final event

The final WOD will be revealed on the day of the event after the end of the second qualifying WOD.


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