15 Oct 14



WOD Throwdown Inaugural Event

Start date
15 October 2014
Start time
End date
12 November 2014
End time
Online Competitions
Athlete price
$25 (+$4 for international shipping)

About the event


What Is WOD Throwdown?

WOD Throwdown is an online, WOD based competition series where individuals compete for rank among fitness athletes from around the world.


How does WOD Throwdown work?

  • WOD Throwdown plans a single season of events each calendar year for 2 divisions of athletes: Men and Women
  • Within a single season there are a number of events.
  • Each event consists of certain number of WODs released at 1 week intervals. Participants do the required work within a week, and then record their score at www.wodthrowdown.com.
  • At the conclusion of each event, all athletes are awarded challenge coins with a specific color highlight commiserate to their overall percentile finish.
  • Athletes will be ranked per event, as well as cumulatively throughout a season.
  • Top athletes across multiple demographics (overall, masters groupings, and team) will be given awards at the conclusion of each season.



  • Event 1 will kick off on October 15th with our WOD 1 announcement.
  • Athletes will then have 1 week to complete the work and submit their result.
  • This process with continue for a total of 4 WODs over 4 weeks.
  • There are options for Master and Scaled athletes if RX work is not appropriate for your current level of fitness.


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