26 Jan 14



WOD tours coming to Denmark (Spencer Hendel, Lucas Parker & Tommy Hackenbruck)

Start date
26 January 2014
Start time
End date
28 January 2014
End time
Crossfit Aalborg
Gasværksvej 30
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About the event

Day 1 – Tommy Hackenbruck

10am-11:30am – This morning Tommy will talk about what it how he builds and programs for his team vs that of an individual. Discussing the baselines that he sets in his gym. The prerequisites for Hacks Pack.

11:30-12pm –  Question and Answer Session. Now is your chance to ask what you like to the leader of “Hack’s Pack”

12-1pm –  Team WOD… how does the world best train?

1-2pm – Lunch Break

2-3:30pm – The afternoon session Hack will detail how he prepares for competition. From warm up, cool down, nutrition and how he approaches events.

3:30-5pm – Time to get that theory and put it into practice against a UTE CrossFit special WOD.

Day 2 – Lucas Parker

10-11:30am – What makes this bearded man tick? Lucas will give you an insight into his life, what drew him to CrossFit and what his plans are for the future, as well as breaking down the Clean and Jerk for the mornings lifting session.      11:30-1pm – Lifting time! Clean and Jerk time with the man who won the clean and jerk ladder at the 2013 CrossFit Games

1-2pm – Lunch Break

2-3:30pm – This afternoon Lucas will discuss his training, his diet, what he is found is the secret to making the CrossFit Games.

3:30-5pm – WOD time. Mr Parker Special WOD is on the way.

Day 3 – Spencer Hendel.

10-11:30am. Morning sessions Spencer will talk a little about his life and the path he has taken which has lead him to becoming a gym owner and CrossFit games veteran. Lots of Q&A opportunity will be available to ask Spencer what you like!

11:30am-1pm. Spencer is one of the best Olympic lifter in CrossFit, so this morning you get to lift with the big man!

1-2pm Lunch Break.

2-3:30pm. This afternoon is based around programming. Spencer will break down and walk you through his programming system the “HAM Plan”.

3:30-5pm. Time to go HAM! Another WOD programmed and coached by Spencer is on the menu this afternoon! “Green Eggs and HAM” anyone????


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