14 Nov 16



World Throwdown

Start date
14 November 2016
Start time
End date
28 November 2016
End time
Online competition
Online Competitions
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Athlete price
60 GBP per box

About the event

This November in an online event, 3 teams from each country will complete in 1 workout a week for 3 weeks. They are Competing to be the fittest gym and country in the world.

The event will bring gyms from around the world together forging new competitors and friends.
Representing your country will inspire your team to push to new depths of fitness.
Each workout will be a pairs workout and your whole gym can compete in the workout. then your top two pairs scores will be submitted.

This means you can mix and match teams for each event, allowing members to play to their strengths making the workouts inclusive for your members and also means you don’t have to spend time confirming teams or worry about excluding members form your team.


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