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Zawody CrossFit – 8K Attack vol. 2

Start date
11 November 2016
Start time
End date
11 November 2016
End time

About the event

Take on opponents and their own weaknesses in Zielona Gora CrossFit competitions 🙂

Welcome to the next race already “8K Attack vol.2”, which will be held November 11 in CrossFit 8K48 🙂
They will choose the best players in the 2 categories of play: OPEN and ELITE and the best athlete in the category: WOMEN 🙂

In the category ELITE predicted 16 seats, in the OPEN category 32 places, and in the category WOMEN 16 seats 🙂

Up for grabs are cash prizes and tangible 🙂
among others
Winning ELITE we pay 2.500zł!
Winning OPEN pay out 1.000zł!
Winning WOMEN pay out 1.000zł!

As in previous editions prerequisite for participation in the competition is to pay the fee and get through qualifying.

1. prior to qualification within 07.09 (Wednesday) should pay the registration fee in the amount of PLN 20 on account given below:

Kampol sp. O.o. sp. k.
ul. long 25
66-008 Swidnica
Credit Agricole account number 93 1940 1076 3135 8392 0000 0000
in the title, type: 8K attack, name, category

2. then you must set up a profile on page: https://athletes.zone/

3. The people who volunteered to participate in the 8K Attack by paying the registration fee will be invited by side https://athletes.zone/ to perform launching qualifiers

4. The qualifications are divided into 2 stages:
– WOD1 qualifying published 09.12.2016
– To 18/09/2016 for hours. 23:59 you have to record a video of 1 through line and toss page https://athletes.zone/
– WOD2 publish 09/19/2016
– To 09/25/2016 for hours. 23:59 you have to record a video with the 2 through line and toss page https://athletes.zone/
– To 10.10.2016 we give the final results, after which those who have passed qualification must dosłać 79zł to 10/14/2016 for the previously specified account. If the money is not transferred until that time, the player automatically enters the “reserve list”, which is informed and also must pay a deposit.

Some information about the film:

– Prior to the training, the competitor must be present giving the name and the category in which they are contesting (you can choose only one category, so before making a decision, think again)
– Before a workout should show exactly the bar (its weight), the load on the bar, measure Height boxes, a clear measure the heights of wall ball (tape permanent and not a ruler, etc.)
– The camera must be positioned in such a way that watching it judges had wątpliowści as to the standards of repetitions, otherwise it will repeat failed
– Film record in perspektywnie side
– During the recording must be visible countdown clock
– FIlm should be recorded in good quality, which will enable the evaluation of the film without any disturbance and doubts
– FIlm must be available in one contiguous file, so make sure the batteries in your devices are well charged

If during the qualification phase there are any difficulties, disputes and complaints regarding matters that are not described, please contact us. However, to announce that the final decision always belongs to Team Crossfit 8K48.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.
tel. 693 359 881 or email: box@crossfit8k48.pl

Live broadcast can be viewed on YouTube: D
Admission for the fans as always free

Greetings, we are waiting for the results and see !!!!
8K Team 🙂


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