Source: Marcus Filly

7 Excellent Exercises to Build a Powerful Core and Strong Abs

Learn from CrossFit Games veteran athlete Marcus Filly how to build your core and incorporate new and effective warm up exercises into your training.

?Band Resisted Deadbug?

?The deadbug is one of our favorite hollow body core motor control exercises. The band resisted variation helps to ensure the the athlete learns how to coordinate their upper body with lower body around a hollow body.

✅Ensure there is a decent amount of banded tension you are resisting. Also keep the low back pressing into the floor aggressively throughout the exercise. .

?Plank March?

?This exercise is a great warm up movement and combines some unilateral scapular stability work with a quick hit to the core.

Try 30-45sec continuous alternating marching in your warm up combined with some easy rowing.

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