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Motivational Crossfit Advice from 5 Top Canadian Athletes


“Don’t judge a man on his successes or failures, judge him by how many times he fell down and got back up.“

Crossfit games highlights brent fikowskiSource: CrossFit Inc
Brent Fikowski wins again

Canada West

  • 25 years old
  • 6‘2‘‘
  • 212 lb
  • Double life: by day-financial controller at startup company; after work: CrossFit athlete
  • won west Regionals by 70 points
  • Reebok Crossfit Games 2016: 4th in the world with 4 event wins
  • Tallest CrossFit Games athlete
  • Graduated from Griffth university in 2013
  • Loves competing
  • Consumes 4100-4400 calories on a general training day, 220g of protein, 190g fat, 350g carbs
  • Wins the 2016 west Regionals with 623 points

“my aerobic capacity and my explosiveness from volleyball… and with the acquisition of skills and my hard work ethic, everything just kind of fell into place so that I (became) a pretty good CrossFitter pretty quick.“

“Gravity doesn’t want you to lift. So what you do? You lift!“

“I realize the only thing I’m afraid of, and this is unfortunate, is what people would think if I lose.“

“I think that I can go in feeling that love from the people around me and using that as motivation rather than the motivation not to fail.”

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