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Motivational Crossfit Advice from 5 Top Canadian Athletes


“Keep on reaching for your goals! It’s an uphill battle, but I promise you it’s worth the climb! There is no success without struggle.”

patrick vellner crossfit canadian athletesSource: twimg
3rd at the CrossFit Games this year, Vellner has an incredible work ethic

Canada East

  • 26 years old
  • 1,77 m
  • 195 lb
  • Chiropratic student
  • Ed Sheeran look alike
  • Competed nationally in gymnastics
  • Senior level box lacrosse & some field lacrosse; some rugby
  • 2013 – first competition
  • Attends McGill University in Montreal

“To have success as an athlete you have to be selfish to a certain degree. Mostly selfish with your time to train, eat and recover the way you need to.“

“It’s not always a good day, but it’s about slowly taking on your weakness and always making progress keep getting stronger. Keep getting better.“

“I compete as a hobby. CrossFit isn’t my career. My career will be in my schooling. That’s the bottom line.“

“I’m comforted with the knowledge that if something happens or something doesn’t go well or something does go well it’s because of the work that you did and you’re sort of responsible for whatever successes and feelings you have.“

“If nothing else I think I learned that I’m more of an individual athlete at the end of the day.“

“My priority is to get educated. This is, at the end of the day it’s a hobby. It’s something I do because I enjoy it and I have fun with it.“

“CrossFit does a phenomenal job of making itself very accessible to all types of people. What allows CrossFit to be so accessible is that one of its major staples is that the training is universally scalable and adaptable to all skill levels. This basically means that all of the weights can always be adjusted, and movements modified to allow any individual to take part, and adjust the intensity of training to be appropriate to them. Because of this, physical disabilities generally do not limit individuals in their potential for participation. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

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