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Motivational Crossfit Advice from 5 Top Canadian Athletes

The Canadian Crossfit athletes often have an exceptionally dedicated view towards their training and the way they compete, without losing sight of the fun side of the sport of fitness. These quotes and pieces of advice will help you to do the same with your Crossfit journey.


“Playing sport is definitely a big part of my training. People get too caught up in CrossFit with their strict programs and they don’t put their fitness to use outside of the gym. Getting out of the gym and having fun playing other sports is the best way for me to avoid over-training.”

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Alex working on the atlas stones

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Canada East

  • 24 years old
  • 5‘11‘‘
  • 205 lb

“My key to successful training is to train with people who help making me better everyday. It’s hard to push your limit on a daily basis. And I love goofing around with friends.“

About himself: “A simple self-made athlete who started in a simple self-made gym.“

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