7 Fun Reasons Why Crossfit Makes You Better at Sex


A big part of CrossFit is learning how to improve. All the time you have to be open to learning, to be empathetic and understand another person that can, and is trying, to teach you things. You grow to understand the movements of the human body, and body language, more effectively. Your sense of proprioception improves, your understanding of your own body and what it is capable of.  The more empathetic you can be, the faster you can learn.


Empathy and body awareness is also important when it comes to sex. If you understand the person you are with, what they like, what they are saying with their movements and body language, then you will be able to make then happier. Much happier. And that’ a win win for everyone involved.

crossfit girl emom workouts outside beachSource: RX'd Photography
Stay strong!


CrossFit makes you fitter. It allows you to run further, swim for longer than before, exercise beyond what the normal joe or jane can manage and improves your all round engine.

You become better conditioned and able to physically last for longer. It is not difficult to imagine how this translates to sex. I don’t need to spell this point out for you….

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