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Crossfit Bologna By Nativa – Italy

Riccardo Donati, the box-owner of CrossFit Bologna by Nativa, is giving us a little insight into what happens at his BOX! Enjoy another episode of our Europewide BOX interviews.


Short Facts

Name: CrossFit Bologna by Nativa
Address / Location: Via dell’idraulico 4/b – 40139 Bologna ITALY
BOX-Owner: Riccardo Donati
Open since: Januar 2012


How did you come to CrossFit?

After I got degree in physical sience, I work in a gym and I know kettlebell and functional trainng…then, curiosing on the web, CrossFit! In 2009 there were only 4 CrossFit Affiliate in Italy! I became instructor on May2010 and an Affiliate Center on january2012.

Why did you open your own box?

I open MY box with my sister Elisa because we wanted to have a place where people could train hard, smile often and feel free to express the potential of his body and mind.

Why exactly should I join YOUR box? What makes it standout from others?

I think we are a crew of very prepared  and passionated instructor, as almost all the CF Affiliate box, but we try to make feel at home every person, athlete or housewife, old or young: everyone can find a place on the big heart of CrossFit Bologna by Nativa! I’m the bad policeman and my sister the good one!

How does your member structure look like? (Number of members, Male/Female, Young/Old,  any competitive athletes?)

We are 4 instructor:

  • me, Riccardo Donati, I’m 33, male and I compete on Regionals Europe in 2012 arriving 12, and in 2013 arriving 33. I hope fore 2014, we’ll see! I’m the head coach and everyday I prepare the WOD.
  • Elisa Donati, my sister, 38 years old and mom. She compete in the Open on 2012, 2013 and this year but also in some local competition. On 2013 she arrived 30 at the Italian Throwdown. She looks after all of us!
  • Davide Gaito, 23 year old, man. He’s a passionated coach and very competitive athlete! He comes from americn football but in less than 2 years he became instructor and a great athlete; he competed in Open 2013 but he had his meniscus broken….now he’s ok and will compete in Open 2014!
  • Federico Pivato, 40 year old, man. He’s a very very patient coach!! He trains almost the “foundamentals” of CF to the new entries!! He’s the best! He’ also an athlete: open 2012 and 2013, some local competition and 11th at the Italian Trowdown 2013.
  • Carlotta Righi, 33 years old, female and my girlfriend! She’s not yet L1 instructor but she help us teching oly lifting because she had the CF degree. She’s a big athlete and she compete in Open 2012, 2013, in London Throwdown 2013, in Italian Throwdown 2013 arriving 15th!
Do you have additional training possibilities (Yoga, Gymnastics etc.)?

Gymnastics with Antonio Ferrandino, a great gymnast and coach. Pilates with my sister Elisa Donati.

Do you consult your members in nutrition questions?

Yes, if they require!

If I start as a beginner – how does my training in the first month look like?

You will have 4 hours of a small group, max 3 persons, and you will start knowing oly lift, squats, Deadlift, Kettlebell and the basic gymnastic. Then you will start with others but the coach will scale for you the wod! We think is better if you start with the advanced, they can motivate and help the beginners! Only competitors have a different and boosted wod!

Do you organize any internal or open competitions?

All the wod are a sort of competition!! A big one? Not yet, on April 2014 perhaps, we are organizing…

Do you have links to other boxes?

Of course! During competition is so easy to become friend….this is why I love CF! On Emilia Romagna we know each other! But we know better the older box because at the beginning we were always the same, at the competition and at the official CF courses! Now the community is so big!  We don’t know yet the new boxes but I hope we’ll do!

Can I drop in if I am passing your city? Who do I have to contact?

You can join us! From Monday to Friday we have classes at 9.30, 12.15, 13.15, 18.00, 19.00 and 20.00; on Saturday at 11.00. Sunday we are closed! You can contact my sister Elisa at 338/4962590 or email at nativa@nativasport.it or send a message on CrossFit Bologna by Nativa Facebook page.

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