CrossFit Games Athlete Was Pregnant Whilst She Competed at The CrossFit Games

This American Supermum shows just how successful a motivated Crossfitter can be!

In an amazing twist of fate, it turns out that Michaela North was a few weeks pregnant when she took to the floor in Madison. She was a part of the Wasatch Brutes who managed to beat Rich Froning and CrossFit Mayhem to the top of the podium! She didn’t just compete, she WON The Games with her team! 

“Just before compared with about 9 weeks in. Third pregnancy is no joke. Haha muscle memory is a REAL THING and this belly is like “I got you girl, I’ll make all the space we need!” 😂 
Since this is my last babe I’ll be pregnant with (we think…haha) id love to share as much as possible on this journey! 
What would you like to know?? Post below and I’ll try to answer/address as much as I can along the way! 
Thanks for all the support! We are SO excited about this final addition to our fam. 🤗”

Here is Michaela crushing it at The Games!

Whatever it is you decide to do, do it with 💯%. @brute.strength @structurabodytherapies @puorilife

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Fight for it.

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And here she is with her family.

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