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CrossFit Games Masters Competition Recap

MEN 45-49

  1. Joel Hughes
  2. Justin Lasala
  3. Chad Augustin
  4. Bernard Luzi
  5. Clint Paddock
  6. Mike Rando
  7. Bob Ruano
  8. Giulio Silvino
  9. Bob Jennings
  10. Bruce Thomas

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It was Joel Hughes’ first year at the Games and the American took the title of Fittest on Earth (men 45-49). Winning three events and never finishing lower than third, the rookie had an impressive event.

He was followed by Justin Lasala, who was competing at the Games for the third time this year, but moved up one category this year. On an Instagram post, he shared:

“I’m always thankful for the opportunity to compete against the best. With all of the changes this year, making it to the Games is an accomplishment in itself.”


WOMEN 45-49

  1. Janet Black
  2. Semma Burba
  3. Jolaine Undershute
  4. Tracy O’connell
  5. Stephanie Brennan
  6. Nicole Abbott
  7. Cheryl Brost
  8. Aida Koepplinger
  9. Jennifer Dieter
  10. Elena Kulik

Six years CrossFit Games masters athlete, Janet Black went into the Games this year ranked first worldwide in her age division after the Open and second in the Age Group Online Qualifier. She won three events and was the only woman in the age division to finish the Bicouplet 1, the last event of the competition, in time.

Bicouplet 1:

21-15-9 reps:
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

55 lb. 85 lb.


MEN 50-54

  1. Kevin Koester
  2. Gregg Geerdes
  3. Vic Mcquaide
  4. Jody Hendrix
  5. Leonardo Wernersbach Lima
  6. Patrick Murray
  7. Paul Mccrary
  8. Charles Russo
  9. Ryan Joe Hamby
  10. Mark Ziolkowski


2017 Games winner (men 50-54) came back strong this year and took another title – two CrossFit Games appearances and two wins. It was a close competition between him and second place, Gregg Geerdes, who finished only 10 points behind him.

WOMEN 50-54

  1. Jana Slyder
  2. Chris Nelson
  3. Joyanne Cooper
  4. Francoise Mahier
  5. Maricruz Prieto
  6. Belinda Halcrow
  7. Tia Vesser
  8. Alexia Fineman
  9. Deborah Schedue
  10. Jessica Clevenvik

It was the second time at the CrossFit Games for Jana Slyder and first as a 50-54 masters athlete. She ranked 1st worldwide after the Open and won three events last week at the Games. She won the Ruck event with an impressive time of 35:37.15, faster than the last three Elite individual women, using the same weights (and running the same distance) as them.


Jessica Clevenvik withdrew from competition after the fifth event.

MEN 55-59

  1. Joe Ames
  2. Ken Idler
  3. Allen Duarte
  4. Kurt Stein
  5. Bruce Young
  6. Will Powell
  7. Stuart Swanson
  8. Vincent Lopez
  9. Rob Bernet

Joe Ames and Ken Idler were tied on points by the end of the competition, both finishing with 530, but with two second-place finishes, it was Joe Ames who took the title of Fittest on Earth (men 55-59). Third place Allen Duarte wasn’t far behind either, finishing only ten points behind the two leaders.

This was Ames’ second CrossFit Games title, as he won the 2015 Games (men 50-54).


WOMEN 55-59

  1. Laurie Meschishnick
  2. Linda Elstun
  3. Marion Valkenburg
  4. Hylie Thompson
  5. April Watkins
  6. Lynne Knapman
  7. Judith Tynan
  8. Sue Velott
  9. Debbie Downing
  10. Mary Beth Prodromides

One of the two Canadian Masters winners this year, Laurie Meschishnick is a seasoned Games atheltes, with six masters appearances. This was her third Games podium and best result so far. She won three out of seven events, finished fourth once and second three times.


Mary Beth Prodromides withdrew from competition after her fifth event.

MEN 60+

  1. Paul Perna
  2. Gord Mackinnon
  3. Dan Brannagan
  4. Carl Giuffre
  5. Hilmar Hardarson
  6. David Hippensteel
  7. Michael Brown
  8. Ken Wellner
  9. David Hardie
  10. Tom De Nolf

60-year-old Paul Perna made her second Games appearance last week and took the Fittest on Earth title (men 60+). He was followed by Games veteran Gord Mackinnon, who won the Masters Men (50-54) division back in 2012.

You can read more about him and other masters athletes here.


  1. Susan Clarke
  2. Patricia Mcgill
  3. Pauline Sciascia
  4. Sue Lawson
  5. Diana Flynn
  6. Julie Holt
  7. Carol Lynn Thistle
  8. Elizabeth Cole
  9. Christine Long
  10. Debby Cook

The impressive Susan Clarke continued her winning streak at this year’s Games. This was the fourth gold medal for the Canadian athlete, who has competed at the CrossFit Games four times and always finished on the highest spot.

She won every single event and finished with a 160 point lead over second place Patricia Mcgill, winning with 700 points – the perfect score.

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