CrossFit Games Share Concept Sketch for Brand New Rig Design and it Looks Fun!

Rogue are always creating new and exciting obstacles and rigs to suit Dave Castro's workouts at the CrossFit Games. Could this new design be used in the future?

Rogue supplied 40 tractor trailers of gear for the 2017 CrossFit Games including 75,000 lbs of barbells and 150,000 lbs of bumper plates. They also shipped and installed:

  • A million dollar assault course
  • 300,000 lbs of rig equipment
  • 150,000 pieces of hardware that linked 25,000 ft of rig uprights, crossmembers and pull up bars

The CrossFit Games recently shared this concept sketch for what looks like some kind of racing rig. It’s too early to call, but this looks like it could be an entertaining Event if it becomes a reality.

đŸ€ł @billhenniger ・・・ "Early sketch of rig – posts of design work left #ryourogue"

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Getting closer #ryourogue

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Sketch brought to life #manodesign #ryourogue always do what you always done, always get what you always got

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Work time #ryourogue

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