Source: Dan Tyminski

3 Tough Workouts Involving Heart Rate Monitors

Track your progress, enhance your performance.


CrossFit trainer Dan Tyminski is among the famed names that surface on the internet who has revealed his heart rate training routine with sincere precision.

Dan Tyminski: “Two minutes is plenty of rest between sets, so keep an eye on your heart rate every time you start a new one. Your pulse should go up as your speed increases. Rest two minutes after each and all sets. In the end you, should have six times to log on your Heart Rate Monitor.”

Repeat the following twice:

Two sets of

  • 10 back squats @60% of 1RM
  • 400 meter row

Two sets of

  • 10 power cleans @55% of 1RM
  • 400 meter row

Two sets of

  • 10 target burpees
  • 400 meter row

Track your heart rate and repeat the workout once every month for 3 months.

Pay particular attention to your recovery times between sets, and how your heart rate spikes when you work. 

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