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3 Tough Workouts Involving Heart Rate Monitors

Track your progress, enhance your performance.


Opexfit design many simple yet detailed workouts where HRMs are used effectively and exact figures within a set time limit are prescribed. Wear a heart rate monitor for the entire duration of the workout and track your recovery times between the weightlifting work/rest and the 10 min emom. 

As your clients move closer to competitive phases of training, it becomes prudent to integrate progressions that challenge the athlete’s ability to perform more reps under fatigue. This is all predicated on quality work spent refining movement, and accumulating reps in non-fatigue settings before testing someone’s battery. OPEX HQ @CoachSamSmith breaks down these progressions in How to Integrate Strength Speed Work into Fitness Programs. Download your copy today — Link in bio. #OPEXfitness is the leader in coaching education and functional fitness facilities. Experience the next level of fitness coaching. Experience OPEX. Learn more about the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program by following the bio link. #opexccp #experiencefitness #opex #personalizedfitness #coach #fitnesscoach #training #fitnesstraining #professionalcoaching #professionalcoach #personaltrainer #trainer #fitnesstrainer #gymcoach #fitness #competitioncoach #fitnessgoal #fitnessjourney #trainingtips #fitnesstips #workouttips #strengthcontinuum #strengthspeed

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Be conscious of bringing your heart rate back down between sets as much as possible during the lifting, and in the emom, see if you can maintain a steady heart rate during the double unders. 

  • SA KB OHS – barefoot, turn and look at the kb like TGU, walk on toes @32X1; 2-3/arm x 4 sets; rest as required
  • Segmented Snatch grip DL 3-3-3-3-3; rest 2min and release on top
  • Muscle Snatch 4-4-4-4; rest 2min


  • EMOM 10 min
  • odd– strict HSPU max in 30sec
  • even– DU 30 sec amrap


10 min a Bike Zone 1 (cool down)

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