Where´s your Mo Bro? Crossfit in Style this Movember

So what exactly is Movember and where did it come from? How have Men who look like 70s throwbacks raised over $600 million globally? And can all this improve your Crossfit performance?

During Movember, guys from around the world join in solidarity to spend the month of November growing fantastic facial hair, all in the name of fighting prostate and testicular cancer. Since its humble origins in 2003, this non-profit project has raised millions for the cause, and continues to act as a huge source of support and funding for cancer research and treatment. Your Moustache will help to raise awareness and contribute financially towards combating cancer on a global scale. As well as transforming you into a connoisseur, it might even improve your Crossfit performances!

Humble beginnings

The idea began over a few beers, as CEO Adam Garone explained in a 2011 TED talk,

“It was me, my brother, and a mate having a few and the conversation turned to 70s fashion — how everything seems to come back into style. And after a few more beers, we said, ‘What about the moustache? Why hasn’t that come back?’ Then one more beer and it was, ‘Whatever happened to the moustache?’…. The day ended with a challenge: to bring the moustache back.”

And they have succeeded in style.

The rules are simple:

  1. For the entire duration of November you must grow, groom and cultivate the finest moustache possible.
  2. Hopefully you began with a cleanly shaven face on the November 1st, but no worries if not, just start now.
  3. You must uphold a strict sense of gentlemanly behaviour throughout the whole month.

Become a Hero (with a Moustache)

Anatoly Pisarenko: 3 time world champion and 4 time European champion in Olympic weightlifting

Of course there are the inevitable hurdles to overcome, such as angry girlfriends, ashamed to be seen in public with you looking like an 18th century aristocrat, truck driver or 70s porn star. When Garone started the idea, his boss even banned him from meeting clients whilst he was sporting his moustache!

But you are Crossfit athletes, sportsmen of a higher calibre, a new breed that loves to triumph in the face of adversity. If you haven´t already started, it´s time to begin growing that moustache, raising money for charity and strengthening awareness for a great cause. Whether you go for the Box Car, a Handlebar or The Regent, your new ´tash might even become the secret weapon to powering you through your next Crossfit WOD. Nothing more manly that breaking your clean and jerk PR sporting extravagant facial hair, just ask Lucas Parker.

Simply because you are reading this article shows that you care deeply about your personal health and fitness. The issues that Movember raises money and awareness for can affect anyone of us, and we are all in this together. At its heart, Crossfit is built around powerful principles of community and friendship – there’s nothing quite like shared suffering to bring us together – and these same strong ideas power the fun way that Movember tackles these serious issues.

In case you need a little extra inspiration, here is a famous examples of another athlete who uses his mighty facial hair to inspire superhuman sporting achievements.

Photo by CrossFit
Photo by CrossFit


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