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CrossFit Kettlebell Shoulder Workouts to Attack your Weaknesses

Strengthen your shoulders with these simple workouts.

Shoulder Workouts – Kettlebell Push Press

The kettlebell push press involves using the legs and hips slightly just to get the kettlebell out of the sticking point when it’s held in the racked position at the chest.

Once the kettlebell has been bumped up to the top position the descent is very important.

Control the kettlebell down very slowly actively using your latissimus dorsi muscles (under your armpit) as a kind of shelf to help guide the kettlebell down again.

“Try to keep the bells in as straight a line as possible and avoid pressing out too far in front of your face. Press up and back so the bell locks out slightly behind your head. Make sure the bell handle is at a 45° angle pressing into your palm to help further the mind-body connection for the most efficient form possible.”

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